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Attempts to achieve double (2x) the return of the ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE Arca: ARKK) for a single day, not for any other period.

Designed for Innovation Bulls

Leveraged exposure to the daily performance of a portfolio of transformational technologies that are changing how the world works.

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The Advisor has contractually agreed to waive its fees and/or pay for operating expenses of the Fund to ensure that total annual fund operating expenses will not exceed 1.15%, effective until July 31, 2024.

Bullish on Disruptive Innovation?

This ETF may be for you. TARK, which provides leveraged exposure to some of today’s leading growth themes, won honors for “Best ETF Launch” at the 2023 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards.

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Double Your Exposure

TARK employs swaps to capitalize on a 2X leveraged position on the daily performance of the ARKK ETF for significant potential short-term returns.

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Access Disruptive Innovation

TARK provides exposure to a concentrated portfolio of companies on the leading edge of AI, the genomic revolution, energy transformation, blockchain and next-generation Internet.

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Trading Flexibility

TARK investors may seek to capitalize on potential upward movements in growth stocks or on favorable valuations after a market downturn.

Not for everyone. Read about the significant risks.

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Fund News

AXS 2X Innovation ETF (TARK) Wins 2023 Best ETF Launch Award
AXS Investments Shortlisted for Several 2023 ETF & Mutual Fund Awards by With Intelligence
AXS 2X Innovation ETF (TARK) Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary as Industry’s First 2X Innovation ETF
AXS Investments Broadens ETF Lineup with Launch of AXS 2X Innovation ETF (TARK)

Frequently Asked Questions


The AXS 2X Innovation ETF, Investment Managers Series Trust II, and AXS Investments LLC are not affiliated with the ARK ETF Trust, the ARK Innovation ETF, or ARK Investment Management LLC.


Compounding risk: The Fund has a single day investment objective, and performance for any other period is the result of its return for each day compounded over the period. Performance for periods longer than a single day will very likely differ in amount, and possibly even direction, from 200% of the daily return of the ARK Innovation ETF for the same period, before accounting for fees and expenses. Compounding affects all investments but has a more significant impact on a leveraged fund. This effect becomes more pronounced as the ARK Innovation ETF volatility and holding periods increase.

Leverage risk: Leveraged ETFs pursue daily leveraged investment objectives, which means they are riskier than alternatives that do not use leverage. They seek daily goals and should not be expected to track the underlying index over periods longer than one day.

Swap agreement risk: The Fund’s use of derivatives may be considered aggressive and may expose the Fund to greater risks and larger losses or smaller gains than investing directly in the reference asset(s) underlying those derivatives. The use of swap agreements are subject to additional risks such as the lack of regulation, counterparty risk and liquidity risk, and could expose investors to significant losses.

Equity securities risk: The value of the equity securities the Fund holds may fall due to general market and economic conditions.

The Shares will change in value, and you could lose money by investing in the Fund. The Fund may not achieve its investment objective.

Important Risk Information

There is no guarantee the sectors or asset classes the advisor identifies will benefit from inflation Fund may invest a larger portion of its assets in one or more sectors than many other funds, and thus will be more susceptible to negative events affecting those sectors

Equity Securities Risk: Equity securities may be particularly sensitive to rising interest rates, as the cost of capital rises and borrowing costs increase Equity securities may decline significantly in price over short or extended periods of time, and such declines may occur in the equity market as a whole or in only a particular country, company, industry or sector of the market

Commodities Rick Commodity prices can have significant volatility, and exposure to commonities can cause the value of the Fund's shares to decline or fluctuate in a rapid and unpredictable manner. The values of commodities may be affected by changes in overall market movements, real or perceived inflationary trends, commodity index volatility, changes in interest rates or currency exchange rates, population growth and changing demographics, international economic, political and regulatory developments and factors affecting a particular region industry or commodity.

Futures Contracts Risk The Fund expects that certain of the underlying ETFs in which it invests will utilize futures contracts for its commodities investments. The rek of a position in a futures contract may be very large compared to the relatively low level of margin the Underlying ETF is required to deposit in many cases a relatively smail price movement in a futures contract may result in immediate and substantial loss or gain to the investor relative to the size of a required margin deposit. The prices of futures contracts may not correlate perfectly with movements in the securities or index underlying them

TIPS Risk Principal payments for Treasury inflation Protection Securities are adjusted according to changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) While this may provide a hedge against inflation, the returns may be relatively lower than those of other securities Similar to other issuers, changes to the financial condition or credit rating of the US government may cause the value of the Fund's exposure to US Treasury obligations to declirie

Shares of ETFs are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the ETF Brokerage commissions will reduce returns NAV are calculated using prices as of 400 FM Eastem Time The closing price is the midpoint between the bid and ask price as of the close of exchange. Closing price retums do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times