Individual investors may not be aware they can access venture capital exposure. Learn the basics of this exciting corner of equity investing poised for an exploding 2021, and how all investors can overcome the barriers to tapping into its historically oversized returns.

How do you know if your investment allocations ensure portfolio efficiency? We explore three tell-tale signs that illuminate the benefits of diversifying with a non-correlated asset.

Is there an investment that can complement growth-oriented equity holdings whether markets are up or down? The trend line on this chart reveals the answer.

While we are only in the early months of understanding the full impact of COVID-19, our look back at the first four months of 2020 revealed an investment strategy that has resisted the downturn and maintained value year-to-date.

If the current economic outlook is heading towards recession — a prediction gaining traction — investors may want to turn to managed futures. History shows that the asset class can offer non-correlated ways to protect assets from bear markets, much like the bags that campers hang to safeguard their food.

Coronavirus has become more than a health contagion. As we have seen, epidemics can infect financial markets, causing major disruptions. A look back at health scares reminds investors to contain the panic and think long term.

Given the advantages of alternative investing for improved portfolio outcomes, it’s important to understand how best to allocate to these strategies. This framework breaks down the decisions into the 5 key manageable steps.

Traditional investments for individuals have long been limited to stocks and bonds. Thankfully, newly created access to alternative investments now make it possible for investors to diversify and to invest like the institutions.

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