Alternative Equity

Our alternative equity strategies seek to provide equity market participation, but without the correlation to, volatility of, or other characteristics exhibited by stocks.  These strategies can serve as a core equity allocation or a complement to an existing equity portfolio.



Why Alternative Equity?

  • Need long-term growth assets but concerned about high valuation of equity markets
  • Desire upside participation of equity markets with downside risk mitigation
  • Diversify and broaden your investment exposure
  • Seek to dampen portfolio volatility

Why Now?

Alternative equity strategies seek to provide the benefits of equity market exposure, but with lower volatility and correlation, and downside risk mitigation. Now may be the time to consider this combination of outcomes.

Why AXS Alternative Equity?

We believe that providing robust alternative equity strategies requires not only time-tested, institutional-quality investments, but also managers with long and strong performance track records.  Alternative equity funds from AXS Investments are managed by highly experienced portfolio managers with unique experience in alternative equity investments, which seek to provide equity market upside participation, but with lower volatility, less stock market correlation and downside risk mitigation.