Alternative Investments

Our alternative investments and hedged strategies are designed with the objective of adding alpha, reducing correlation to market indexes and minimizing downside risk.



Why Liquid Alternatives?

  • Diversify and broaden your investment exposure
  • Seek to dampen portfolio volatility
  • Hedge unwanted market exposure
  • Daily liquidity for complete access for all investors
  • Full transparency
  • Investor protections afforded by the Investment Company Act of 1940

Alternative investments seek to provide returns and risk that are different than those of stocks, bonds and cash. The diversification benefits afforded by alternative investments allow investors to potentially lower risk in their portfolios without necessarily sacrificing returns.

Alternative investments historically were accessible only by institutional and high net worth investors. Today all investors have access to liquid alternatives, which are funds designed to provide the benefits and characteristics of hedge funds, with the daily liquidity, transparency, low cost and regulation of mutual funds.

Why Now?

Alternative investments historically have produced attractive relative returns in challenging equity and fixed income environments, while offering lower portfolio volatility. We think this is something investors should not ignore.

Why AXS Liquid Alternatives?

We believe that providing robust alternative investments requires not only time-tested, institutional-quality investments, but also managers with long and strong performance track records.  Liquid alternatives from AXS Investments are managed by highly experienced portfolio managers with unique experience in managing alternative investments, which provide for hedging and other important portfolio enhancing tools, via ETFs and mutual funds, which allow for liquid, transparent outcomes with critical investor protections.