Sustainable Investments

We offer sustainable and impact investing strategies that seek to deliver competitive financial returns, with the potential to drive positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes.



Why Sustainable Investments?

  • Seek enhanced returns driven by strong results of sustainable companies
  • Integrate ESG factors into traditional investment approaches
  • Seek greater portfolio diversification

Sustainable investing is about investing in advancement, innovation, ethics and ideals, while recognizing that companies focused on solving the world’s biggest challenges may be best positioned for growth. Sustainable investments also pioneer improved business practices and drive outcomes that may lead to a more sustainable future. 

We believe investors can benefit greatly from sustainable investing by combining traditional investment approaches with ESG insights.

Why Now?

Sustainable investing has shown to be on the rise among institutional and individual investors. And this growth has been driven by many factors, including:

  • Demographic shifts – A highly diverse generation of young investors are incorporating sustainable investments for the core of their portfolios.
  • Evolving views on risk and returns – As ESG data has become more robust and available, investors can potentially identify investments poised for stronger returns with minimized risks.
  • Government policies – Improved government policies are triggering local and global corporations to adopt and implement sustainable solutions.

Why AXS?

Providing robust sustainable investments requires not only time-tested, institutional-quality strategies, but also managers with long and strong performance track records.  ESG investments from AXS Investments are managed by highly experienced portfolio managers with unique experience in investing in companies based on adherence to environmental, social and governance standards.