Our Clients

We provide investors and financial advisors access to institutional-quality alternative investments and education to drive improved portfolio outcomes.


We create access to alternative investments for individual investors, financial advisors, family offices and others seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed income investments. Through our diversified funds platform, this access provides solutions that help meet a full range of investor objectives.


We work closely with financial advisors to provide education and investment insights to enhance the understanding of alternative investments, their structure and the many ways in which they can improve portfolio outcomes. Our firm’s professionals have spent their careers working closely with investors, financial advisors, investment consultants and family offices, providing education and support to address and solve for their unique investment objectives.


Our Award-Winning Fund Family

AXS Fund

EEHIX      AXS Alternative Growth Fund
MHFIX     AXS Managed Futures Strategy Fund
EQAIX      AXS Aspect Core Diversified Strategy Fund
EQCHX    AXS Chesapeake Strategy Fund
KCMTX    AXS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund

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Industry Recognition

Lipper Award
Pinnacle Award
Pinnacle Award
CTA Intelligence
Lipper Award