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So far, the economy has been rocked by the pandemic this year, yet investors seem to be ignoring the fundamentals. What gives? Razvan Remsing, Director of Investment Solutions at Aspect Capital, tackles that question and how this disconnect could impact systematic investing strategies. Length 2:29

Aspect Capital’s research director and president Martin Lueck was honored by CME Group and BarclayHedge with a prestigious award for his illustrious 30+ year career developing quantitative trading strategies. Here’s the backstory in a video from Pinnacle. Length 02:40

In this paper, Ampersand CEO/CIO Dr. Ajay Dravid describes how a portfolio can retain its stock and bond exposures AND gains meaningful exposures to diversifying and hedging strategies. Length 01:27

Ampersand CEO/CIO Dr. Ajay Dravid offers his perspectives to financial advisors on the importance of diversification, rebalancing and taking the long view. Length 02:21

Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a lose and may incur additional charges and expenses.

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