About Us

Our Firm

AXS Investments is a leading asset management firm providing alternative investments for enhanced investor outcomes.

We empower investors to diversify their portfolios with alternative investments that previously were available only to the largest institutional and high net worth investors. Our investor-friendly funds are time-tested, liquid and transparent, sub-advised by top institutional investment managers with long and strong track records.

AXS Investments was founded upon the vision to create positive economic impact and long-term value for investors and for the communities in which we and our clients live and work.

Our Clients

We provide investors and financial advisors access to institutional-quality alternative investments and education to drive improved portfolio outcomes.

AXS = Access

We create access to alternative investments for individual investors, financial advisors, family offices and others seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed income investments. Through our diversified funds platform, this access provides solutions that help meet a full range of investor objectives.


We work closely with financial advisors to provide education and investment insights to enhance the understanding of alternative investments, their structure and the many ways in which they can improve portfolio outcomes. Our firm’s professionals have spent their careers working closely with investors, financial advisors, investment consultants and family offices, providing education and support to address and solve for their unique investment objectives.

Our Impact

As a leading alternative asset manager, we are well-positioned to make a positive impact through our business, and to bolster the communities in which we live and work.

Doing Well and Doing Good

AXS was founded on the belief that it is essential not only to do well, but also to do good. We are committed to the financial wellness and overall well-being of our various stakeholders, from our clients and investors, to the community at large.

Raising the Bar and Changing the Status Quo

We always strive for an improved approach. We continuously challenge the status quo to provide better services, tools and resources. A good company seeks to raise the bar. A great company elevates the bar to new heights. Our professionals espouse this philosophy and infuse it into our professional and personal lives. We are changemakers who seek lasting positive impact from the milestones we achieve.