AXS Aspect Core Diversified Strategy Fund

Class I: EQAIX     Class A: EQAAX     Class C: EQACX


Achievement Award - PM Martin Lueck

The 2019 Managed Futures Pinnacle awards, presented by CME Group and BarclayHedge, recognize excellence exclusively in the managed futures space.  

Fund Overview

A global managed futures fund that aims to produce strong capital growth by deploying a medium-term trend following strategy managed by a venerable industry leader.

Investor Benefits

Over 80 global futures markets carefully selected across commodities, currencies, fixed income and equity indicies.

Systematic, medium-trend following, quantitative model designed to identify, seek profit from directional moves in markets.

Seeks returns that are not correlated with returns from other asset classes.

Fund Details

I Shares

Ticker: EQAIX
CUSIP: 46141T398
Inception Date: 11/7/2014
Distribution Frequency: Annual
Management Fees: 1.30%
Total Operating Expense: 2.38% 
Net Expense*: 1.49%

A Shares

Ticker: EQAAX
CUSIP: 46141T422
Inception Date: 8/21/2015
Distribution Frequency: Annual
Management Fees: 1.30%
Total Operating Expense: 2.63%
Net Expense*: 1.74%

C Shares

Ticker: EQACX
CUSIP: 46141T414
Inception Date: 8/21/2015
Distribution Frequency: Annual
Management Fees: 1.30%
Total Operating Expense: 3.38%
Net Expense*: 2.49%

*The Fund’s investment advisor has contractually agreed to reduce its fees and/or absorb expenses of the Fund, to ensure that the Fund’s total annual operating expenses do not exceed on an annual basis: 1.45% Class I, 1.70% Class A, and 2.45% Class C of the Fund’s average daily net assets, effective until January 31, 2022.

Portfolio Manager

Aspect Capital is a global institutional investment manager and provider of systematic alternative investment solutions. Aspect was founded over 20 years ago by pioneers in rules-based investing methods.

Aspect invests heavily in the ongoing research-driven evolution of its quantitative alpha-generating system across a wide range of liquid asset classes, including managed futures.


Anthony Todd
Chief Executive Officer


Martin Lueck
Research Director

Fund News

Related Insights

There is no assurance that the Fund will achieve its investment objective.

The use of futures contracts by Aspect Capital Limited are subject to special risk considerations, including, but not limited to, futures contracts having a high degree of price variability and subject to occasional rapid and substantial changes, possible lack of a liquid secondary market, possible market disruption or other extraordinary events, losses caused by unanticipated market movements, Aspect’s inability to predict correctly the direction of instrument prices, interest rates, and currency exchange rates and other economic factors.

A significant portion of the Fund’s investment in futures contracts takes place on foreign markets or exchanges and the Fund may have exposure to emerging markets due to investments in certain futures contracts linked to currencies and indices comprising emerging market equity securities. Adverse changes in currency exchange rates may erode or reverse any potential gains from the Fund’s investments. Investments in emerging markets may be considered speculative. As a general rule, there is less legal/regulatory protection for investors in foreign markets than investors in domestic markets.